During her career working on an ambulance, her grandfather passed away. It was devastating as he was the last father figure in her life that she looked up to. In her grief, an idea was formed and a vision was set into motion. Serenity Worldwide, Inc. was created. Her company went through many transformations aesthetically, but the goal and mission hasn't changed. She saved and saved mostly every penny she had and put it into her company.

However, through all the hardships she was going through, she looked at them as blessings. Since she couldn't work due to her injuries, she had plenty of time to work on her company goals.

Currently, she designs websites for other companies and individuals and devotes her time to growing her company; which released it's first magazine; "Serenity Worldwide V1Issue1" on May 8, 2017.

Stephanie said, "Some of my favorite memories working in the hospital was when I assisted with the delivery of babies. There's something angelically quiet about hearing the sound of a baby's first cry. There was one birth that just stole the hearts of everyone in the room. The baby hadn't cried with the normal rubs and pinch and it was as if you could hear a pin drop. But then, with a little more vigorous rubbing, the baby let out the loudest and perhaps the most angry cry. I teared up and looked around the room at my fellow collegues and they were also teary eyed. There it was... Life at it's core."

Then the unthinkable happened. Stephanie was injured while on an ambulance call. Her financial situation changed drastically and she got rid of all the extras we like to have in life. It was necessities only. After months of living without, she realized how much she really didn't need those extras and has continued to do without. 

Stephanie was then injured again. Only this time it was "In the line of Duty". She went through a lot of physical therapy and treatments. She has since made a full recovery with minor pain.

Stephanie Curtis was born in Los Angeles, CA. She graduated from high school with honors and the Exemplar Award. In college, Stephanie joined the Theater Guild in order to overcome her shyness, which led to her becoming the Theater Guild President. Within her time at college, she utilized that time to try many different job opportunities in order to gain experience in a variety of fields. One of the jobs she found to be the hardest, but most rewarding was working for a Non-Profit Organization that raised money by going out into the streets of all Los Angeles County asking people to donate money for homeless youths. Near the end of college, she started working as a public relations manager for a production company where she had the opportunity to travel overseas.

After broadening her horizons, she then went on to start her own photography company.  Shortly thereafter, she had her daughter, Scarlett in 2009. A couple years later in 2011, Stephanie enlisted into the United States Air Force Reserves where she became a medic. Once back from tech school, she was quickly employed as an EMT on an ambulance. She spent the next few years working on ambulances, where she could put into action the skills she learned through tech school. She has also worked in every department of the hospital further honing her skills.